Friday, June 5, 2009

Foz de Iguazu

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon in Brazil. It took me 3 buses but I made to the falls, and it was so worth the trip.One brasilian man tried to help me out at one of the bus stations, but he spoke no English and barely Spanish and he completely confused me. So, I exchanged my guaranies into reals and they directed me to the tourist info desk and luckily the woman spoke English.I am still trying to get a grip on Spanish! lol and Portugese is a whole other ballpark.Anyway she gave me a much needed map and directed me to which next 2 buses I had to take. The buses weren`t that long and I got to see a lil bit of Brazil, the city right over the border is basically called the Iguazu ciudad, simple and to the point like ciudad de este.When I there I was hungry to I got to carne empanadas which were really good, and there was this British guy there who offered to take my pic in the front. I wanted him to capture the flags...but he missed it.He was nice though. Then I bought my ticket.The falls are a part of the parque nacional.So, they have these buses that you take through part of the park to the falls. Along, the way you can get off and take nature walks, go canoeing, and other activities they offer for an extra fee. I didn`t do any of the extra stuff. The falls were enough...They are huge and spread out wide across these cliffs. They have these smalls paths that you can walk up and down to get different views of the falls. It was beautiful, lush, tropical, and green. I had a great time walking up and down the little pathways. They had friendly amd informative parks people around who spoke many languages. And random people offered to take my picture infront of the falls.There were these little animals, that they told me were cousins of racoons that walked around looking for food. You are not supposed to feed them, but people have in the past.And now a lot of them are having health problems like high cholesterol from eating human food! They were cute and funny looking, and they got really close to me which was a little scary but they are tame. Parts of the paths were scary and really close to the edge of the cliffs, and made me think of my death lol. But other parts were beautiful and peaceful. Mostly it just made me in awe of nature and how powerful and beautiful it can be all at the same time.

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