Sunday, June 7, 2009

Itaipu dam, zoo, and Guarani museo...

Yesterday, I did A LOT of fraking walking once again. My feet were trobbing by the end, but it was worth it. I had a fund day.I couldn´t fidn where the damn bus was to Itaipu so after being tired and lost this cab driver offered me a ride. I was apprehensive at first but he seemed legit and it wasn´t too much money. So, I put up my feet and he took me. On the way there of course I saw where to take the bus!It´s the same bus that goes to Hernandarias. But whatever it all worked out.I had to bring my passport becuase the dam is co-owned by Paraguay and Brasil, so I was techiqually in both countries. There was a bus tour, by this nice very informative lady. The dam gets power and energy from the rio Parana, which is separate from the Iguazu river, apparently thats more south. My geography is still a little messed up over here...I think I may have said the river was the rio Paraguay, but its the Parana.Anyway the tour was cool, and the damn is freakin massive!Then the tour guide told me that the zoo was close. So, I asked the driver if he could drive me there too.I offered to pay him a lil more, and he accepted.He told me his name, but it was hard to say and now I don´t remember of course lol.Anyway, he was nice and toured the guarani museo and zoo with me. The museo had artifacts and info on the gaurani people on one side.And on the other it had info and specimens on local animals and flora and fauna. Then down the road from the museo was the zoo, which was´t that big but had a few curios creatures I´d never seen before which was cool. Then he drove me back to the hotel, it was a long informative fun day. Then I had dinner at the hotel and had amazing pork with some sauce that was really good! Oh and on a side note the asian food is good here too.The night before I ate this place and the food was really good and they had HUGE portions.
This morning was really annoying though...! Who does construction at 7 in the morning on a Sunday! I woke up to the sound of loud construction workers yelling, and slamming shit around. Conviently, they were done by 9! wtf?! I had planned to move hotels anyway, so I did this morning.I was going to move to this Austria place my tourbook recommended, but it was as cheap as it said it was.So,I found this spot down the block.It looks new,clean, has internet, breakfast,tv, and nice views. This street that its on has like 5 hotels on it, including that Austria place. So, I think I´m good, and its cheaper :) It´s really quite it today, a lot less cars and traffic. I guess because its Sunday a lot of places are closed, people go to church and chill out. I think I´m going to take it easy too.It´s sunny and a little warmer too, which is a nice relief from the cold. Oh I also bought a cute pair of jeans for like 12 buck :)I´m hungry now so I´m gonna go grab some food.

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