Wednesday, April 8, 2009

For Tannaz!

This blog is for Tannaz who requested I update! LOL... Let's see I leave in exactly 2 weeks! I've started a To Do List, which I am slowly checking off as it gets longer by the day! I had to get a couple shots (including yellow fever), and have gone to all my doctors for check ups. As usual, I am health as a horse. I am temp-ing at a spa till the 15th, during their "Spa Week" they actually have pretty good deals check it out at Services are 30%- 50% till the 24th ... :) I got Bonya a job there too. I'm done with my little plug there lol... Oh, but I got a free tan too :) Its there new service.

Um what else...Mom is hosting a birthday/going away dinner for me Sunday the 19th which should be nice. And I'm having what she would call a "kid's party" (which is funny cause this kid is turning 24!) Friday the 17th and this chill lounge in LES. I'm getting pretty excited for both. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with people wanting to hang out with me before I leave flattered but a lil overwhelmed especially since I'm working now and have been going to these last minute doctors appointments. But I have faith that it will all work out. Oh you should all join Skype to call online, I joined! I am going to be staying with Wilma Vega an English teacher in Asuncion who offered to help me get settled and stay with her till I get my bearings. I figure I'll stay with her the first month. Her address is:
Capitan Martinez 2025 c/ Jaime Bestard- San Jorge
AsunciĆ³n, Paraguay.

So, if you feel the urge to send me an old fashion letter or a package of American goodies (ie gossip magaazines and candy ;) You can do so at the above address, until I get my own lil casa. Oh, speaking of casa I've been a little lax on my Spanish practicing lol... But I kind of feel like no matter what I learn right now I'll still sound like a gringo or is it gringa lol... I'll figure it out and improve my accent when I get down there. I will continue practing with my "Teach Yourself English" book and audio though.
One of my good friends Simone, called me last night from LA and soon we will be 5 hrs a part! Which I am also getting slightly sad about being so far away from my friends and family. I haven't been this far away for so long ever. The longest duration has been 2-3 months a time I think. So, by the end of July I will probably be getting homesick. But friends like Simone and Maria have said they will visit me. Also, Mom will probably come down during the holiday season. I usually don't have problems making new friends though. I'm usually good at keeping in touch too, unlike some people! Tannaz for instance is in India or Hong Kong. I'm not sure the girl travels a lot, but we've kept in touch pretty well since college. And I made some good friends who I met in Italy, we're going to meet up in Argentina. That will be exciting too. I'm really looking forward to warm sunny weather all the time too! It snowed today in NYC! April 8th and snow! I hate to cold and snow. It can look pretty but I don't want to be in it for long. I was telling Simone this last night I have no interest in going to say Patagonia. When I'm in South America I prefer to stay in sandals and sun dresses and be tan and drink iced tea (avg temp is 75 degrees F ). Tea is apparently really big in Paraguay. Everyone, according to my reading drinks yerba mate cold when its really hot out, and hot when its cool at night. In Guarani its known as terere. I'll let you know if I like it :) Oh, also in my random readings... I came upon a blog from some college student who when to Paraguay to teach in some random village I've never heard of. She didn't know Guarani was the other main Language or that it was written. But anyway, that's not the point. Apparently, the teacher before her told her students that she had 3 tattoos. After which, all the kids laughed hysterically and the boys in her class wouldn't look her in the eye anymore. Tattoo means vagina in Guarani she found out I thought that was pretty funny. So, I am going to try and learn maybe so basic Guarani too. Oh gotta go now... Maria wants to meet up for lunch.
Ciao till next time



  1. Hey Buddy You are probably incredibly jetlagged and sleeping at the moment but I wanted to make sure you got there ok. It's Wednesday and I have a downtown class today...which basically translates to "wanna have lunch?" :(

    I miss you already. I am buying a calling card today so do expect my call by the end of the week!

  2. yo buddy, yes i was exhausted but now i feel good all showered and refreshed :) i just sent you an talk to you soon!