Friday, April 24, 2009

no se

I dont know what to title this...I feel sick, I still feel stuffed to the max from yesterday, I tried a lot of new food and Carlos and Wilma kept giving me more. I think they´re trying to fatten me up! LOL I likeed this juice made out of Mburucuya. It is a thick citrus,lemony ish flavored juice. But different, Wilma says it calms you or something. For lunch we had spaghetti with a beef gravy on top. The beef was very chewy. Dinner was steak with broth and onions. Then later on I went with Carlos and Wilma to this church gathering, at a retreat center. It was basically a party, with MORE FOOD! To send off these men that were about to begin their retreat. It was really nice full of people, food, and chatter.They have a lot of nice friends. They were all very curious about me when they found out I was American. They found out very quickly when one of the men asked me a question in Guarani and I had NO idea what he was saying.And since the food was traditional Paraguayan food I had to eat some! haha, no I did really want to try it and it smelled good, but I´m paying the price today.Crap I totally forget there names, I´ll ask Leis or Julia to write them down for me later. But there was a pork sausage, and this long white thing that was similiar to a potatoe, and then this thing made of maiz (like corn) that was kind od like a pita but not at all! lol I liked them all. Then we went into the kitchen and there was this kish like food. And Carlos loved these pieces of fatty meat in broth, with the potatoe like thing. I´ll get all the names later. I had some of the fatty meat stuff too, but then I felt like I couldn´t move anymore I was SO stuffed! Today I am taking it easy...Oh and Jasmin cooked this flat bread kinda thing too after lunch which was really good, and of course i had to eat it too.
I took picutures of all of this, sometimes I really food like I´m on another planet or I´m an alien because all of this is new and strange to me. I fell asleep watchin iCARLY en espanol with Jasmine. I´m suprised they actually have a lot of American shows that are dubbed or subtitled. Before bed I watched Mean Girls with Karine. Karine´s birthday is coming up, they´re still deciding what to do. Yesterday, Wilma painted the room I think I am moving into soon. I´m fine right here, but I think thats her plan. I really need to get a clock I usually have no idea what time it is. I feel kind of lazy and I want to do more, but I don´t want to be pushy since they are being so nice to me. I´m going to downtown Asuncion Saturday...big buildings yay! Ok I should go now...oh here is the house number... apparently they can recieve but can´t make international calling...(O21)671878 So you can call me :)I think Paraguay´s country code is 51 and you have to dial 001 first, look it up to make sure.Missing NYC and the fast paced life, but enjoying the peace and family.


  1. Lol did you mean feel like? Or food like? lmao you are really experiencing the cuisine! Is Karine the 9 yr old? When will you be posting these pics up? will they be on facebook or here?

  2. oh i just emailed you back!lol i meant i dunno...I am eating like everthing is new! Karine is the 16 year old. I posted some earlier the connection is slow so, I got impatient and only put up a few.And like an idiot I uploaded a bunch on my laptop and didn´t save them on the camera, so you won´t be seeing those for awhile lol. I´ll try and put some pics up here too---