Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I thought I was going to die...

Not literally die...lol...but die, the computer wasn´t working all day and I thought I was going to die!!! My main connection to the outside world! Lol but somehow it was fixed and all is well again :)phew...I had a new bread yesterday called chipa, its kind of like cornbread but better ;)mmmmm. I went shopping with Wilma yesterday, well grocery shopping and the place basically looked like our supermarkets with different stuff in it...hehe. My observation of paraguayans is that they basically look like latino people anywhere...all different shapes, sizes, colors...Some look really white and fair, others dark and native american looking. Most are somewhere in the middle...tan with dark features, which is not suprising since 90% of the population is mestizo (a mix of spanish and guarani). Basically, the conquistadors abondaned their catholic morals and did as many guarani women as they could...However, as with most nations where the Europeans invaded, the ideal is fair and rubio (blond).In the book that I´m reading, which is getting better and better. There is a saying in Gaurani..." kyra, moroti ha haguepa" to describe a desirable woman...it means, fat, white and with thick hair. I thought this was kind of sad and funny, because let me tell you i have seen no natural blondes here! Thick hair and big butts yes lol. Thick eyebrows also seem to run ranpid, which makes sense why I have frida kahlo-esk eyebrows. I however, pluck them to look normal lol. This morning I woke up, to the sound of a fly buzzing above my head that would not leave the room! And a splitting headache, which took awhile to go away. So, I was not very productive I had to go back to bed after lunch and nap, then it finally went away but then I felt groggy and the heat didn´t help.When I woke I was also suprised to see a man outside my window, turned out to be the gardner. Luckily, i was clothed but in tiny tank top. During the day its usually girl time with Leis and Julia who I speak span-glish too. Yesterday, I took a walk around town and took more pics, but then my camera died...and i´m not sure how to plug it into the adapter to charge. I also burned my hair, straightening the wattage is stronger here i guess. I have yet to visit wilma´s class...i think i said this everything and everyone moves slowly down here, which is nice but kind of annoying. I forget how much of a city girl I am till I leave the city for an extended amount of time...I´m in suburban hell!Slash heavan they really do have such a relaxed time. I´m just not doing much yet, so I´m bored and when I finish my book, oy vey! Oh speaking of oy vey i don´t think there are many jewish people down here, and I think it would be hard because they eat a lot of `pork! Oh I saw on the news that there is a pork flu in ny and mexico, sorry guys!be safe! The pork here is good :) I have also not seen any black people, or asians...though I am told there are a lot of chinese, japanese, and koreans, maybe they have their own nieghborhoods. I´ll investigate. So, to defeat my bordem i am starting a to do list of things I want and need to do...ie, get a freakin job (the story of my post collegiate life!ugh)change my freakin money which i still haven´t done! I havent spent a cent, which is nice but I feel so dependent which is a bad feeling for someone who is used to be fiercely independent. Plus i dont the family to pay for everything. They are seriously so nice to me! I also have to figure out the buses, maybe buy a cell phone, and call home a few people including mom who I need to talk to. I am def going to the international phoning place tomorrow. Oh and I have to call this lady about work...Oh and on totally random note i´ve managed to get 6 mosquito bites all on the right side of my body...my right leg, hip,and arm...isn´t that odd?!I´m going to put some bugspray on me right now actually! lol So, I´m missing you all and nyc, but i´m starting to feel more comfortable in my surroundings. oh and call me! to say hi on the house phone :) it works maria called me the other day and we had a nice convo, it was nice to hear a familiar voice.
hugs and kisses,

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  1. it's too late to call you my love, sorry, but i just read your blogposts. i'll try to call you some time tomorrow though i'm moving to your place tomorrow lol. and i went to baruch today and submitted my documents. i'm glad. now i gotta pack all night and finish that one little essay...much love