Sunday, April 26, 2009


So, to update Friday night we went out to dinner at a friends of theirs resturant called Garro. The friend that own is named Laura and she goes to their church lives near them too. The food was really good. And we sat outside, well most of it is actually outdoor seating, I think because its always warm! JuanJo said it was 72 degrees! I took some pics, I´ll upload them later, uploading pics takes awhile here so. Last night we went to downtown asuncion, which feel more like a city to me. Tall buildings bright lights, I was in heaven! Hotels,streets close together people. They showed me where the american embassy is too. The architecture was a mix of modern buildings and spanish/european architecture random and colorful. The president lives like right next to it which i thought was interesting.Apparently, he was a priest and is making up for lost time, by spreading his seed around and having a million kids...Downtown is also pretty developed with a lot of new stores and resturants. The nieghborhood where wilma lives, called san jorge is more residential 1 or 2 story homes, with unpaved streets, and not that many street signs. I don´t know how people find there way if you don´t actually live here. for example, the other day when she bough jaunjose a new mattress she had to draw them a map of how to get to their house for the deliver people. Also, the main road near her, there are run down old buildings, and business right next very developed modern buildings, which are right next to construction, which is right next to a crumbling building. It´s odd to say the least. Yesterday, we also went back to the retreatment center to bring the men icecream. I tried 3 different kinds, one was called americano...which was basically white also tried mburucuya icecream which was alright. The best was uvas though! Grape icecream is the shit. While Wilma and Carlos were chatting it up, juanjose and i tried to communicate through his very bad english and my bad spanish. We generally succedded. After that, we drove to downtown as i said and sadly i didn´t bring my camera,but i´m going to go again. I´m going to be observing wilma´s class next week, which should be fun. And i´ll def make sure to bring it! On our way home, we drove through burger king and got a few kinds of empanadas, which i thought was funny. They were really good though. I drank mine down with good old fashion sprite :) I felt a little guilty though at the main stops lights the little boys were there again trying to make money washing peoples windshields, and here we were stuffing our faces in the car. Carlos gave one of them some money though, I think he felt a little guilty too. It makes me want to take them all home with me,but like the stray dogs i can´t. My back hurts now, so i think i´m going to lie down.


  1. LOL...Yea seems like all public leaders are male whores...all around the world!hehe