Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hola Amigos,
I am finally here!!!Wilma and the family that I have met of hers are all very nice and welcoming. My trip was LONG as all hell and I arrived completley exhausted! I was fed on all my flights and suprisenly the food was pretty good. I slept most of the way to Panama so I think I missed breakfast, but bonya was nice enough to take me to the airport and we had breakfast before I boarded. I woke up to watch Marely and Me, which was actually pretty good. And like the total sap I am I cried when the dog died. Sorry if I killed the ending for anyone who wanted to see it. And then I cried a little more when I started to have doubts about this whole thing, thinking am I totally crazy to leave my whole nice cozy life behind to go stay with strangers in a country I barely remember. But all those worries have been nicely put away since my arrival. I just had a nice chat with Wilma´s aunt or cousin or something I forget her name lol. She is very nice and talkative though, and speaks barely any English which is good for me. I understood most of what she was asking me, but I struggled on how to respond so I wipped out my dictionary and filled in the blanks of what I was trying to say lol. Wilma´s sister in law Leis is also here, and she gave me some breakfast. She also speaks very little English. I am staying in Wilma´s son´s room, Juan Jose. He is 21 and off at military academy. Her husband Carlos is also in the military, so I think I will be safe! HAHA. My flight from Buenos Aires was delayed so I came in very late, and met one of Wilma´s daughters, she was half awake too though. Their house is close to the airport and very nice and big. It has a very south western feel, high ceilings and the roof is shingled. It´s one floor with a nice big kitchen and living room. They even have that thing that washes your bitt in their bathrooms, I forget what they´re called hehe. They also have a nice out door patio with lots of plants. I found out that Wilma also likes to paint, a lot of her paintings are hung around the house. So, maybe I´ll paint with her one of these days. I found it interesting that the road to their house is not paved. And really randomly some guy was washing his car at like midnight down the road for them. Wilma and her husband are now and work and her 2 daughters are in school. Later I hope to get a tour of the city and nieghborhood. ttlçlove glady

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