Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 2 in Buenos Aires

I'm breaking these they are not insanely long to

The next day I was on a visiting Museums mission because they have a lot here. My Footprints on South America tour book has been really helpful so far, the maps were great in Asuncion. But here not as much. I guess because they change things here more than Asuncion. But the first Museum I tried to visit was not there anymore! The modern museum of art,,, Which was really annoying. So, I walked around for awhile and then stopped for some food. The waiter was very nice to me and my Spanish was good, I don't know if people are just being nice when they say that to me or if it actually is sometimes. It really depends on what people tell me. Anyway, then I went off to 2 other museums that didn't look that far on the map. The first one was closed, the second one was open but it was small and and a random assortment of old photos, costumes, and set designs. It was called the Museo de Teatro Nacional Cervantes. Basically, its an old theater. I was done quickly with it. So, then I went on a mission to find an adapter to charge the camera battery which had died. And it didn't fit into any of the outlets in the store. Luckily, I found one on the way to another Museum. On the way there I passed by Plaza de la Republica again and the Plaza de libertad. The nieghborhood the Museum was in was very nice and richy rich. Nice buildings with door men, air conditioning, and nice little shops, and resturants. Even a few embassy's. I passed by the Isreal embassy. I also passed by this really cool gallery. It had really beautiful comtemporay art. This one artist I loved her sculptures. Silvana Kelm. I made sure to write down her name so I could google her You should too! Her sculpture had dancers in movement and acrobats, and in the gallery they were hung in mid air which looked extra cool, it was like they were flying. Here is a website I found...
After, that I finally made it to a real museum! The Museo de Arte Hispanoamericano. It was beautiful. The actual building used to be a mansion of this rich architect named Martin Noel. It was called the Palacio Noel. It was white and big, with beautiful archways and high ceilings. There was also a garden inside and surrounding it. At little piece of quite heaven in the big city. A small church was also next to it that had beautiful tiling. The garden also had pretty benches that had pretty mosaic decorations. I was sad my camera had no battery. I might go back just to take pics. Inside the museum they had metal work in silver from Spain and Portugal, as well as beautiful leather and wood carvings in chairs and furniture. It also had a good amount of indiginous crafts of various tribes. There were also christian sculptures and paintings of the madonna and baby. It covered the history of pre Europeans to the early 19th century. There were 3 floors I had a fun time exploring. Downstairs I watched a movie loop of colonial dress, and one of the museum guys sat down and talked to me for awhile. He didn't speak much English though, so once the conversation a little confusing he brought in this women who helped translate a bit lol... She told me about the history of the house. Then it was getting late so I decided it was time to head back. There were also a bunch of other galleries but the road where my bus was, was far away Rivadavia, and I was on 15 block and like 6 avenues... I grabbed an ice pop on the way it wasn't that great though, and this little poor kid asked for it on the street so I gave it to him. Poor people live on the Plaza on the benches and random dirty mattresses they picked up its sad. I got off the bus prematuraly though I had to walk an extra lie 20 blocks. I was exhausted and my feet were trobbing!!!! I finally made it back and Daniela was worried. She had called the students center a few times lol. I called her back took a quick cat nap and headed to her house for Asado,,,grilled meat! Yum Luchie's sister was there, and the man Daniel from Mexico I had a great time, drank wine and took a much needed load off! I slept like a baby on a sedative lol. This morning I was sore and my legs felt like jelly so I took it easy today. Oh I forgot I met up with Laura Sol this morning too for breakfast and another walk around It was nice to see her after so long. We had a yummy breakfast of pastries.I'm probably going to see her tomorrow too. Now I have to go to Daniela's we're going to her brother in laws birthday... ciao!!!!

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