Thursday, May 7, 2009


I´m booked and going to Buenos Aires in 2 weeks! 20th-25th :) I´m super excited to see the city and Daniela and Laura Sol who I haven´t seen for...3 years! Yea summer 06 is when I went to Italy for that month and met them at Agape, yay I love reunions :)I hope to some day go back to Agape too it is a little piece of Italian heavan on earth I swear.Oh and I decided to fly, the flight was pretty cheap, and if I decide to go again maybe I´ll take the bus then...and check out the scenery. K um I don´t really have that much more to report, I´m just super excited :) Oh I re-arranged my room today, it looks awesome too.Oh and I got mom an awesome mothers day gift...she´s read it will be a suprise to everyone :)I love the internet...seriously what did people do before the internet?!snail mail, which reminds me I need to buy stamps...

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