Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Things I find odd/strange/weird and other observations here...

-They eat burgers and hotdogs with no buns or ketchup
-Instead they put this soy sauce tasting sauce on the bugers, and eat salsa with the hotdogs
-The ketchup is dark and sweeter here too
-In this house there are key in the locks of almost all the doors,cabinets, and dressers,and closets...why???Whats the point of keeping the keys in the locks...anyone can unlock them
-The country has a navy with no oceans,coast,gulf, or even reall a huge lake.There are 2 big rivers but it takes awile to get to the ocean on them...
-There is no hot water, lukewarm at best.Which is usually not a problem becuase its so damn hot, who wants to take a hot shower. But I worry about how sanitary things are especially the dishes...
-They put mayo on random things like salads, rice etc... but not on sandwiches
-People ride motorcycles without helmets and shoeless with babies and small children in toe...
-There is no law requiring helmets or seatbelts I think because Wilma rarely wears hers
-Wilma´s car has japanese writing in it, because they get there cars from japan via chile...its cheaper apparently
-They keep their dog Peco tied up in the back almost all day. He probably would be so hyper everytime he gets let free, if he was actually free most of the time...but I guess he´s luckier than the stray dogs walking around in a hungry daze
-People wake up freakishly early even on weekends
-They also don´t seem to be at work and school for very long, there day starts early and ends in the middle of the day
-There are 3 tv´s in the house in ppls bedrooms but non in the living room
-The outlet for the microwave is not like any other in the house, they use an adapter
-The phone in the kitchen can receive international calls, but can´t make them.There is no answer machine and its not chordless.It also has an odd low ring
-It appears people rarely wear contact lenses, because everyone asked me what they were when they saw them in my room
-JuanJo never goes out by himself or to meet up with friends that I know of. I´m sure he´s tired from being at military academy all week, but I find that odd
-I´ve realized since being here that I wear a lot of black, but maybe thats just the new yorker in people don´t wear a lot of black here.
And here´s a pic of me in my room

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