Sunday, May 3, 2009

I never know what to title these...

Hola Amigos,
I fear I may be getting a cold, my throat is sratchy and I´ve been sneezing...cold´s are so annoying. Anyway...on the latest Friday was another holdiday dia de los trabajores/labor day a day in which no one works lol. We had a bbq and I met Wilma´s mother, one of her sisters, and her brother who is a priest. Because her brother is a priest we had an impronto mass before eating. It was a little awkward because we were right next to the grilling meat, the dog barking, and wilma´s niece Johanna who is 4 and has no attention span was running around and changing seats every 5 minutes,and asking questions... it was pretty funny. But we all tried to keep it together. Wilma thought I couldn´t take communion, because I didn´t do their studies of communion...but I apparently I could according to her brother. Ah whatever. After this we had a GRANDE lunch! I looked like Carlos was grilling the whole entire cow! We still have meat left over. But it was really good, and there was rice, and salad, and manioc, and chorizo, and sausage, and bread...i´m probably forgetting something it was a lot! And the whole time Wilma´s mother was giving me more food to eat...I swear they are trying to fatten me up here. One thing I tried was this dark colored sausage that tasted odd, I asked Wilma why it was that color and it was because its cows blood... :/ ewww. Ignorance is truely bliss. Then there was dessert which I had the smallest bite of. Wilma´s sister and mother are both blond, dyed but at some point it might have been real because they are both pretty fair. You could tell her mother was quite the beauty back in the day, she looks look for 70ish I´d say. She has pretty hazel green eyes, and sweet disposition. But I´m sure back in the day...all the men were after her.Johanna the niece was SO freakin cute with little curls, and she ran around the house like a chicken with its head caught off,but she was adorable. I had no idea what she was saying half the time but I had a fun time playing with her a sponge bob doll.hmmm now everything is blurring into one day...
Yesterday, I finally got to exchange my money! :) And I did a little shopping! In a mall :) Nothing crazy though, I mostly windowshopped...I bought some postcards, and maps, and a junior wopper and fries at buger king lol. Then Wilma picked me up and we went to some other relatives house and had beyou...and sweets.They had cute twins a boy and a girl also I think about 4. They boy was staying near by at Wilmas sisters in law...I can´t remember any of their names of course. She was showing them lingerie she sells on the side.The boy twin is a skinny little runt, and the girl twin is big and fat lol. I bet she beats him up, cause she was telling us that he was her son not brother lol. Today has been slow and boring...laundry, lunch, siesta...sunday. They all wake up freakishly early even on weekends they are up before 8 or 9.10am is considered really late to wake up. Church is at 8:30! I don´t think I would ever make it to church at 8:30. But I guess it makes sense because they start work and school at 7!I still find it odd though. I asked Julia to wake me up at 8 tomorrow though. I want to go downtown and explore, and she wants me to teach her some English too. And I still need to buy batteries for my clock/alarm clock. On the workfront...this lady emailed me back saying she didn´t have work for me, but wanted me to check out her school. She is actually an American teacher from Canton, Ohio...How random right?! Anyway she started a methodist school down here for needy families. Which I think is pretty cool.The barrio is called Lambare, its a little south of San Jorge. Sometime this week, I will take a bus down there. It will be nice to speak to an American :)Oh and I have to call this other woman about teaching also. I was going to last week, but thurs, and friday were holidays so I figured I should wait until Monday... So, I am attempting to wake up early to be more productive, because the middle of the day you can´t do anything and everyone is home from 12-3! ugh still getting used to that.
I contacted Laura Sol one one of my argentine friends, so I think I might go out there for a few days this month. I´m checking with her and Daniela to see what days work best for them.I´m debating over bus or plane...the plane ride is only an hour and thats like driving from ny to ohio...10-12hrs by Buenos Aires that is to get to Argentina its only like an hour or 2. I´ll check out the prices to see if its worth it...hhmmm i dunno. Hope all is well with all of you! I heard you can´t eat pork...lo siento.

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