Saturday, May 23, 2009


I don't know where to start...the day before i left for buenos aires i visited the horizonte school in lambare the american woman started...I took right bus this time! lol That day I got lost Wilma told me bus 44,28, and 30 go to from downtown to the house...44 does not! Or if it does it takes an awefully long time to get there! I didn't risk finding out this time. Anyway the school was very nice and bigger than I thought it would be. Sue was very nice and ohio. She is middle aged, blond, with blue eyes. She said she ended up coming to Paraguay because she had a couple friends who were missonaries down there. They had invited her to come. She intended just to visit, but she ended up helping start this school and eventually became the director. Lambare is a fairly poor suburb of Asuncion. Like Asuncion it has nice areas too, but also a lot of poor areas. A lot of the students come from these poor little nieghborhoods that the government buys and sells them small plots of land to live on. The plots are very small and close together though. There is no room for them to grow fruits or vegetables on. It was sad to see. The school has been trying to bring the community together though, and get the parents involved in the students school. The school started in 2001 I think...and they want to develope more and add more classes and students. I was very impressed with the work they are doing there. As I mentioned before students usually only attend school half the day, which I found odd and so did Sue, so at the school they have extended hours. The school gets help from churchs and non for profit organizations in the US and in Paraguay. Its a well oiled machine. If they don't mind Presbyterian help, I will ask my church about helping the school when I get home. Sue was a little preachy about God but it is a Methodist school so...She invited me over for lunch at her house though which was very nice. We ate with her house keeper...ummm I forget her name, but she was very sweet. After that I went back and observed a class. The students practiced their English on me, it was funny. After the class I spoke with the teacher and we had a pretty functional conversation Spanish! She was from a town in the interior which she missed, but she said she liked teaching there. And I told her my whole little story, which she thought was cool. And she wished me good luck on my journey. Then I went back to downtown and attempted to check my email but the computers weren't working because of the weather which was rainy, overcast, and cool that day. So, I went back to the house and attempted to read my gmail there...which was not working on the house computer because it is SO tempermental and annoying! But I managed to read Daniela's email about her address in Buenos Aires.

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