Tuesday, May 5, 2009

traveling around asuncion...

Today I took a bus to downtown Asuncion...where all the action is :) Wilma told me which buses go where, and I found my way fine. It was cute tia Julia and Leis were all worried about me. I had to call them when I got there to make sure I wasn´t lost or kidnapped or something. And apparently, Carlos was nervous too and said watch the news tonight if she doesn´t show up lol. But like I said Paraguayan´s are nice and helpful.I also read my travel book the night before which had a little map to get an idea of where things are in relation to each other. I got off the bus at Plaza Uruguaya which was actually really sad to look at. There were displaced people living in make shiff tents made out of paper bags.The actual plaza was nice with trees and flowers and benches. But I didn´t want to take any pictures or stay there long. There was also a lot of police all lined up and armed with shields and stuff. And they had blocked off a couple streets.I continued on and passed my a musuem which I should have gone into, but another time. I was in a walking mood and I wanted to see as much as I could. Downtown is pretty developed and feels more like a city with taller buildings and lots of stores and resturants. And to my suprise I found the Chaco Hotel where me and my mom stayed 20 years ago! I took a couple pics of it. It´s nothing to amazing on the outside but inside its really nice. I was like wow, I´m retracing my footsteps 20 years ago... then I walked on and found an atm where I took out a little more money, which I didn´t really need. But I figured it was good to have. Then I saw Plaza de Heroes, which is basically this kind of park like Bryant Park, but its sectioned off into 4 parts and each part is dedicated to passed war hereos or leader. One section had an outdoor market with all kinds of crafts,clothes,and jewerly. I didn´t buy anything though I figure I´ll do that before I leave. All along the made roads people were selling watches and stuff on the street like on 34th street. And Native American were selling there crafts too. I got insanely thirsty and stopped in at the Lido Bar which I read about in my book...I got the biggest empanada I´ve seen in my life, it was really good though and limon pulp soda drink. It was kinda like an oldscool 50´s diner set up...most of the waitresses were fat and short and wore these funny orange uniforms. I walked around a little more and then ofcourse I had to use the bathroom so I went back to the lido bar. Then I decided it was time to call the house so tia julia and leis knew that I was alive lol. I had trouble using the phone at first but then I got through and she told me were to get the bus back.I also tried calling Mom and Maria on a whim but they both did not answer, and I tried calling that Isle lady about teaching,I didn´t get through to any of them.I did get through to that lady Sue who has the school in Lambare, and she invited me to visit tomorrow. She sounded very Ohio, I don´t really know how to explain it but they have a slightly different way of speaking...and once you get to Columbus they almost have southern/midwestern twange. It´s suttle but its there, and it was nice to talk to someone who knows exactly what I´m saying! LOL...Even Wilma doesn´t understand me sometimes hehe. Anyway, then I walked back in the direction I came and stopped in the Chaco Hotel to see the inside and they were nice I just looked in the lobby and sitting area. I told them I had stayed there 20 years ago. And the the mand at the desk asked if I was Paraguayan and he gave a knowing look, so I guess the adoption agency set up everyone there. Then he gave me directions to the bustop going back and I rode home, insanely hot a sweaty. The local buses look about 50 years old, and the rides are bumpy and fast with no a/c. The bus driver on the way back went so close to cars infront of him, I thought we were going to get in an accident. You can pretty much get off and anywhere along the route, you just have to hail them and let them know when you want to get off. The buses don´t always come to full stop either so people literally hopped on and off it was kinda funny. Men came on the bus too to sell, Paraguayan souvenirs and candy, and fruits, and chipa bread. These people are industrious...they would hop on and off in less than a minute. I took a few pictures of my little adventure today, but not too much because I didn´t want to look like a total tourist lol. I getting the hand of this guarani money thing too, the bus rides are 2.1mill guaranis which is something like 0.40 cents I think. My empanada and soda were 11mill guarani, which is like $2. Anyway, thats it for now...I´m kinda tired since I woke up early and I have to wake up early tomorrow...I´ll upload the pics tomorrow maybe, they take awhile on this computer...Oh and who is the last follower on this page? It has crazy letters that mean nothing...who are you mystery person?!

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