Thursday, May 7, 2009

more fotos

uploading pictures on this legit takes forever!!!!!!!! its like using moms computer...oh vey...this will be it for now because i am losing patience...but I have so much more i was to share...oh later...i´m getting hungry! oh and on my last blog i meant it was a great end to a long day...its also harder to type on their keyboard a couple things are in different places...and i forgot how to right click on pc´s since i´m used to using my mac...i have to tell myself right click right click lol...come on!ugh its still not finished.I could download this thing that would make uploading faster, but its not my computer so I don´t know if i should...better not.and everything is in spanish on this computer too, i dont want to fuck anything up.
oh and random side note...ex president strossner´s number 1 henchman is back in the country after chillin in honduras for 20 years. a lot of people are pissed off because he has alziehermers now and they want him to pay for toturing all the people he did. but others are like he is really old and doesnt even reall know whats going it is kinda un fair he never really had to pay. but i wonder if he so sick in the head how did he make it back to paraguay. there are even tv commercials about how he should pay for his crimes and that paraguay should never forget. also they found petrolium in the chaco...i´m not sure if that is good or bad news for the country hopefully good news...and the government will use the profits well to help everyone! and lot let outside sources like other countries influence how they use and distribute the petrol... the end the pics finally loaded!

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  1. oh i forgot to say the to pic is the advertisement wilma´s students painted, the following pic is at kari´s birthday, and the last pic is the hotel my mom and i stayed at 20 years ago, soon to 21 years ago :)