Monday, May 4, 2009

I can´t believe its May already!

It´s lunes 04 de Mayo! I can´t believe it...time is seeming to speed up suddenly. Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, I wonder how the Mexicans will be celebrating with that swine flu floating around...Anyway, good new today :) I feel better, drank liquids and slept a lot.I also finally got batteries! For my damn clock/alarm... there is another little bodega a few blocks away that had them, and I was able to get some more shampoo and conditioner.My hair is just recovering from the day I fried part of it lol. I am slowly discovering this little barrio I´m in :) I said before there are random dogs that scared me at first but they are pretty tame and look tired and ragged. I still cross the street when they come my way, just to be safe lol.There are random chickens too in peoples yards and sometimes they make their way into the unpaved street. I don´t know if I will ever get used to the unpaved streets, well riding in a car esp...with my boobs and everything boucing around!lolI hooked up my laptop, so I have music :) And I have all the right connectors to power up the camera and ipod...oh small joys and truimphs lol. Wilma had me correct one of her students translation of this song. For some reason Wilma doesn´t hear the difference between street and straight, and she prounounces yummy as I make silly mistakes like that too though, like ser and estar, I still get those mixed up sometimes.We just have one simple to be! I think I´m going to take dances classes in traditonal paraguayan dance. Karina just came back from her class and when she goes next week I´m going to go check it out and the prices. I don´t think they are that much though. When I exchanged my money I only exchange $46 and I got 230 guarani´s. Which I think is a pretty good amount of money. I get a little thrown off when they say mills though everything is 1milliones, 9milliones, and I´m like 9million dolars?! I have to get out of the dolar thinking. It´s 9miliones guarani´s which is like almost $2 american...
I told Maria this online, ironically I think I am losing weight you would think the opposite, for how much I mention eating food lol. But I pretty much have one big meal a day and snack the rest of the day. Thats what they do here...dinner is not really a big deal, there is no set time and usually we eat lefters whenever, or if dinner is made its small.They also kind of have a tea time around 5-6 with marmalade and bread and warm yerba mate.Breakfast is usually light too, which I like. Plus all the food is local and freshly made which I think makes a difference. And to my suprise my clothes actually feel looser! Yay :) Not that I need to lose a lot of weight or anything but 5-10lbs wouldn´t be bad though hehe. Tonight they made hambugers, but with no buns, and this watery,milky,rice with bits of white cheese I think...I was not a fan of the rice... :/ But the burger was good and a made make shiff bun out of a roll. The ketup is darker and sweeter here, so I actually had to add salt.

Oh and I´m pretty sure I´m going to Argentina in 2 weeks :)to see my Argentine friends I met in Italy yay :)I know a couple people from my college are out there too, but I´m not very good friends with them, they are more friends of friends. But I might message them for a drink or something.I´ll see...there was a lady at my church too who said she has family down there. I have to look for her email...Or mom if you´re reading this...can you get her email again for me? It was that blonde, british lady that has lived in a lot of different places...I forget her name.Anyway I need to pee now, and Wilma wants me to help her with something...

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