Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I´m downtown again chillen in an internet spot...I´m in no rush to go home. Today was a really annoying day. I got my first taste of over protective fathers...I have never had a father so maybe this is way they are, but its annoying! lol Carlos was home this morning when I was trying to leave to go to Lambare.He made me empty my bag, and leave my wallet and took out the map to see where I was going.I already knew where i was going. He had me leave my wallet, which I thought was weird and put money in my pants pocket along with my passport. Which I also don´t think makes sense because thing tend to fall out of pockects especially when you´re sitting on a bus, but whatever he was worried about pick pockers. But my bag has like 10 zippers, its the cute one jess got me and I have had no problems so far. Then he had Leis write down the home address and number, which I told him I already had! I mean its really nice that they care, and stuff but it took me like 40 minutes to get out of there! It was a little ridiculous. And Leis was tellig me to take another bus number 3, but Sue told me to take 41.2 and carols made julia and leis even more nervous than they were yesterday. All the fuss they made I think jinxed me because then I got insanely lost all morning! I never even made to Lambare, I got tired and really really hungry so I finally got a bus back to downtown and went to the Lido Bar again and did some more exploring and hanging out in the plaza de heroes again. I also found this Espanola hotel where I was thinking of staying before Wilma invited me to stay her place. Her whole family has been so nice and generous to me, but sometimes like today I felt trapped and sufficated in suburban hell! I know they have reasons to worry because I´m a small girl with not great spanish skills, but still I clearly made out just fine yesterday!And its just so quite and boring there, in there big pretty house. I need to look into a cheap apartments near downtown...I called Sue, to let her know I got lost and I´m going to try and visit the school next week. I called julia too to let her know I was alive and going back later. Sue was very understanding, and I hope julia understood what i was saying lol...It´s 3pm now here..I think I´m going to go check out that musuem I missed yesterday and then head back to the house. It´s been a long day so frustrating so I just had to get that out. Otherwise things are the same cinco de mayo means nothing here fyi lol. ttyls

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